news 18. April 2016

Online Application is now available!

We are happy to announce our new, redefined services and service package. Our Online Application Form is available!

In our new model we redefined our service package and its individual elements in the light of the essential basic conditions, and those can be chosen as optional ones. Here we have taken consideration both, the relevant jurisdiction, i.e. legal and operational requirements in the light of better time and cost to business with its partners.

Currently we are in a two months pilot period. During this time, we accept new applications, but delay can be expected regarding some of our services.

We took care of keeping all the so far success factors in our operation, while trying to weed out all not needed processes involving business and operational risks.

Our core team is the same, and in addition we have engaged new partners to ensure more improved service quality in our work with our cooperating clients.

Let’s do the better business in online gambling together!