How to be licensed

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This is the first step in our cooperation process. Here you can register on our system, order services using application forms, while providing us all needed data/information.


Create your account by registering at Login and complete your profile.

Nice to meet you! We are pleased you show interest in our services.


Apply for the 'All in one' package by completing our online Application Form. You can order any single service online, or together related services for your package. Download your order form than print, sign and upload it. helps you to fill the forms in, and to find the best solution for you. Subject to required formal and content check, we accept and process your application.

Know Your Customer

The requested documents will appear on a check list. If every document is uploaded and accepted, you have to send us the original paper-based documents by courier.

We check all the uploaded files and give you feedback about them. If all documents are confirmed by us, we give you a "green sign" for post. Only when we receive these documents via mail, it's a successfully final application.


The second step is that we set up the ordered services for operation. Take your accordingly finalized documents and go live!

'All in one'

You can follow every step of the process. Check out the status of your services online, download documents related to your new business anytime. builds up your business environment, sets up your services. We continuously upload all needed documents to your account.


Download the agreement, what we have prepared for you. Print, sign and upload it. Then send it us via mail.

Technical and operational check.


Get your certificate, merchant account(s), settlement account and go live!

We gladly assist you in your further businesses, and wish you a lot of success.

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